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Campus History

Patrotd Elmer G. Bondy Intermediate Bondy Intermediate opened its doors in August 1993 under the leadership of Thomas Baccaro. The school is named in honor of Elmer G.  Bondy, a coach, teacher, assistant principal, principal and assistant superintendent in Pasadena ISD. Prior to his employment with Pasadena ISD, Bondy was a WWII hero who withdrew from college at 19 to join the Air Force.

As plans for the school were developed, Baccaro was on a panel of principals to design the campus, which would be  Pasadena ISD’s tenth intermediate school. Baccaro toured buildings and interviewed principals to collaborate on the design of Bondy. The design chosen was the “school within a school” model. Each grade level, sixth through eighth, would have their own hall and their core classes together. Bondy students would also be on academic teams to promote a sense of belonging. Baccaro, a former history teacher, chose the school’s mascot, the Patriot. Continuing with the theme, each hallway was named in honor of American patriots including Washington, Adams, Franklin, Revere, Wheatley, De Las Casas and Tecumseh, along with Jefferson Library. The Alma Mater was written by a Bondy student, Leia Sayers and music was arranged by Brenda Varvoutis, the choir teacher. The formal dedication for the school was held on November 7, 1993.  

Several years later in 2000, a tornado hit Bondy, damaging the bleachers on the football field and blowing out the library windows. In 2005, Bondy rededicated the library as the Thomas Baccaro Library in honor of the school’s founding principal. In 2007, the new Carter Lomax Middle School wasn’t completed in time for fall classes, so for the first semester, Lomax was housed at Bondy. Beginning in January 2008, sixth-grade students were sent to one of the district’s middle schools and Bondy became a seventh and eighth grade campus. In 2020, the school received a new air conditioning system. 

Over the years, several former teachers from Bondy have gone on to become assistant principals and principals in the district. Bondy was the first Pasadena ISD campus to be named a Summit Spotlight School for personalized learning. The campus is proud of its dedication to excellence, its students having won multiple awards and achievements. 

List of Principals

-Tommy Baccaro 1992-1998
-Dan Connolly 1998-2015
-Roneka Lee 2015-present