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Did you know that October is National  Bullying Prevention Month?

Children may not always realize that they are being bullied. They might think it is bullying only if they are being physically hurt; they might believe the other child is joking; or they may not understand the subtle social norms and cues.

Children can benefit from a definition of the differences between friendly behavior and bullying behavior. The basic rule, which is not a legal or comprehensive definition: Let children know bullying is when someone is being hurt either by words or actions on purpose, usually more than once, feels bad because of it, and has a hard time stopping what is happening to them.

Parents can prepare themselves to talk with their children by considering how they are going to respond to their child’s questions and emotions. They can also decide what information they would like to give their child about bullying.

Click HERE for more information on how to talk to your child about bullying.

If you think your child is a victim of bullying, contact your counselor.